Romeo Burner Lite

Romeo Burner Lite 2.3.2

CD and DVD burner with finesse

Romeo Burner is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and yet simple to use CD/DVD burners you could hope to find. View full description


  • Supports drag and drop
  • Very well designed interface
  • Burns Bluray and HD disks


  • Doesn't support all burners

Very good

Romeo Burner is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and yet simple to use CD/DVD burners you could hope to find.

Designed with the latest generation Bluray and HD-DVD disks in mind, it's a one-program-fits-all solution for your burning needs. Once installed, you will find all your starting points within the "Romeo Projects" folder which has appeared on your Desktop. The program provides several ways options to burn disk, the most complicated of which take no more than 5 or 6 clicks. The file menu works via drag and drop so you just drag in everything that you want to burn and configure whether you're starting a "multissesion" burning session or just "Track at once". Once you're done, simply click "Burn" and you're away with the burner selecting the right speed according to your burners capabilities. There are a ton of other burning possibilities too including an Audio Disc Grabber with which you can rip audio discs to your hard drive in MP3 or WMA format. This comes with a built-in MP3 tag editor and CDDB database to detect which songs you are burning. In addition, there are options for duplicating disks, erasing disks and even controlling it from the command prompt.

A very elegant and powerful burner, it's a solid solution especially for those wanting to burn Bluray and HD disks with minimum fuss.


  • Added support to burn XMF to DVD.
  • Fixed AV bug when trying to copy Audio/CDExtra/Mixed as audio data disc.
  • Fixed bug when showing incorrect MDS image file size.
  • Fixed bug in RomeoCmd when got registration procedure error.
  • Fixed bug with "device locked" for some ASUS drives in Copy Disc action.
  • Fixed bug when grabbing DVD to MDS.
  • Added support to burn MDF (not splitted & not protected) to DVD.
  • Updated SPTD. Current version is 1.56.
  • Added support of StarBurn 10 library.
  • Fixed bug when burning large files to DVD discs.
  • Fixed bug when logging adding to disc image file size.
  • Fixed progress bar flicking under Windows Vista

Romeo combines the simplicity of standard CD-recording software provided with your computer and power of professional software for recording, ripping, mastering and editing of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs.

Romeo is the friendliest CD and DVD burning software that perfectly integrated in Windows. Compose, burn, rip and manage discs in the way you use in every-day work with computer.

Romeo Burner Lite


Romeo Burner Lite 2.3.2